When Sandra Jones and Company was founded the security industry was practically invisible to investors and with a few exceptions was comprised of entrepreneurial companies and smaller divisions of publicly traded companies. The channel was fragmented, the relationships between the channel and manufacturers was more adversarial then complementary and end-users were not consulted. Emerging technology was often more of an art form than a science. Understanding that there was an opportunity to improve the market, technology and the relationships between all segments of the market Sandra Jones and Company was founded.

Throughout the years Sandra Jones and Company was called upon by the industry’s leading suppliers, investors, trade shows, associations and new entrants. Each was able to obtain a solution that would allow them to either accelerate their time to market, avoid costly (or even deadly) product errors or improve profitability through information and the understanding of the market needed to succeed.

Today the market has changed dramatically and so have the services being provided at Sandra Jones and Company. Charles Durant, who joined the firm in 2014, has taken over the practice as Managing Director. His corporate, legal, financial and industry knowledge help the more sophisticated and complex companies and investors who comprise today's market.

Although the services have been refined, the goal of helping security industry clients succeed has never wavered.