Raymond M. Lynn

Senior Financial Consultant

Ray Lynn

Raymond is a respected and experienced consultant in the security industry providing financial analysis, consulting, auditing and acquisition support services. Prior to independent consulting, Raymond spent 18 years and managing internal audit, acquisition and compliance work for National Guardian Security Services, Holmes Protection Group, ADT Security Services and HSM Elec. Protection Services.

Throughout his security career Raymond has valued over two hundred fifty security businesses including central station companies, alarm dealers, ESD's and system integrators. Some he valued to help them improve profitability while over 125 were purchase transactions of businesses ranging from a few million dollars to some of the industry's largest including; ADT's $1 billion acquisition of Cambridge Protection Industries/SecurityLink and Tyco's $2.3 billion purchase of Sensormatic in 2001.

He also coordinated all aspects of the acquisition process for the sale of HSM to Stanley Works for $545. As part of the transaction process he was also typically responsible for developing purchase price calculations and preparing the rationale to management to either support or reject the various metrics used to value the opportunity.

His depth of knowledge, understanding of the market and the individual businesses in the security industry is unparalleled. It gives Ray the ability to assist SJandCO clients accurately and carefully analyze the financial aspects of a business whether it is for someone wanting to improve profits and operations, considering selling, making an acquisition, a merger or the sale of their own business.

Ray assists SJandCO clients manage for profits in the following areas:

  • Financial Wellness Check-up: Designed to help SI and Dealers operate at peak performance.
  • Financial Analysis and Consulting Services: Including valuations, reviews and profitability calculations that can be used to improve operating profits, business analysis or for developing exit strategies.
  • CFO Support Services: Includes either a onetime review or quarterly financial oversight to insure internal accountants and CFO's not from the security industry accurately capture and report financial data unique to the market and critical for profitability and valuations.
  • General Valuations and Reviews: Ranging from A/P, A/R and contracts to bonus, incentives and customer attrition.
  • Acquisition Support for Buyers: Including: financial projections, ROI calculations, due diligence and assistance with the purchase agreement disclosure schedule preparation.
  • Acquisition Support for Sellers: Including: financial and operational review so that recommendations can be made to maximize value. Development of pro-forma financial information for potential buyers, preparation of due diligence materials and assistance with purchase agreement disclosure schedule preparation.

Contact Information:
rlynnhsm@sbcglobal.net 203-266-6928 in Bethlehem, Connecticut