Here is a list of testimonials submitted by some of our clients:

"Operational Security Services, Inc., or OSS for short, has filled the electronic security need of our clients since 1972. We are proud that our excellent reputation in the industry has fostered growth and countless opportunities.

As my brother and business partner Tom was approaching the age of 70, he informed me of his desire to retire. Consequently, we set out to sell OSS to a business that presented the right strategic and cultural fit and would value my ongoing involvement in the business.

While Tom and I are well suited to running OSS, which we have done successfully for 45 years, we knew we need assistance as selling a company presents challenges and issues that are very different than those we faced in operating the business. Accordingly, we sought the assistance from a reputable M&A Advisory firm — Sandra Jones and Company (SJandCo). With help from SJandCo, we successfully sold the business to Convergint Technologies on May 1, 2017.

Sandra Jones and her team, including Charles Durant, the former President of the GE Security & Life Safety Group, helped us navigate successfully through the sale process and obtain maximum value for the business. With their extensive experience in the security industry and vast network of relationships, we found their services to be invaluable and well worth the investment.

I do not hesitate to recommend SJandCo to any security integrator interested in profit development, exit planning or sale of the business.

Keep Smiling!"

Jim Coleman, President
Operational Security Systems, Inc.

"I would like to thank you for your participation on the Townsend Board of Advisors. Your advice and comments provided much needed insight and context for the decisions we were facing. The value you brought is evident in the success we are currently achieving.

I joined Townsend Door Hardware and Systems, a Security and Door Hardware distributor and integrator, to lead the company in the changes required to refine the business strategy, grow the business, and improve our Customer Service. Townsend is a division of Martin, Inc, a well-respected 3rd generation family business headquartered in Florence, AL.

As an experienced leader in the security and door hardware industry, I realized that significant internal changes would be required to revitalize the organization, restructure the operations, and renew the emphasis on sales. Because of the external factors affecting Townsend, and the dynamic market conditions, Martin's Owners and I recruited a Board of Advisors to provide counsel, insight and feedback. Sandra Jones was an easy choice, given her knowledge of the market, and the depth of her experience with companies like ours, undergoing changes and needing improvements in cash flow and long-term value. Her involvement was very beneficial and helped sharpen our focus, so that together, Townsend was able to achieve real, tangible gains.

I would recommend Sandra in the strongest terms to any Systems Integrator, Door Hardware Distributor or Security and Audio/Video company that is interested in improving their position in the market place, and in developing a strategy that focuses on tangible long-term value growth.

We are pleased that Sandy joined our Board, and are realizing the benefits as a result. I would be pleased to speak with anyone who wishes to discuss your involvement further."

Timothy D. Wilson, P.E. Vice President
Townsend Doors and Hardware Systems

"PSA Security Network is the world’s largest electronic security cooperative, owned by the most progressive security integrators throughout North America. Combined, PSA members boast over 300 branch locations, employ nearly 6,000 security industry professionals and are responsible for over $3.5 billion annually in security, fire and life safety installations.

PSA’s mission is to empower its owners to become the most successful systems integrators in the markets they serve. PSA brings this mission to life by partnering with industry leading product and solution providers, delivering unparalleled education and training programs and by offering a variety of distinctive services that can enhance any company’s operations.

As the President and CEO of PSA Security Network, I have never hesitated referring our members to Sandra Jones and Company for guidance and advice. So when we needed assistance with our recently announced acquisitions of USAV and CI Edge, my first call was to Sandy Jones.

The involvement of Sandy’s associate and former President of the GE Security & Life Safety Group, Charles Durant, in structuring and negotiating aspects of the deal was invaluable. Acquiring a business requires knowledge and skill sets that differ greatly from my day job of leading PSA Security Network. Consequently, when dealing with the opportunity to acquire USAV and CI Edge I knew we had to call in outside help. I can whole-heartedly tell you that it was worth the investment.

I do not hesitate to recommend SJandCo to any security integrator interested in profit development, exit planning, purchasing another business, or sale of the business."

Bill Bozeman, President/CEO
PSA Security Network

"Sandy Jones understands market dynamics as well as anyone. Her focus and determination has helped many companies grow from startups to market leaders and her insights have helped to bring products from the concept stage to wide-spread deployment. She has been a trusted confident to countless industry executives and played a pioneering role in helping our industry and SIA to grow. She represents the best in volunteerism—service before self."

Don Erickson, Chief Executive Officer
Security Industry Association

"Over the course of the last decade, Dakota Security Systems gained recognition as one of the most successful security integration companies in the country. Consequently, we were continually approached by strategic buyers who were interested in acquiring our company.

When the right strategic and cultural fit presented itself, we quickly recognized that selling a company presents challenges and issues that are very different than those we faced in operating the business. Accordingly, we sought the assistance from both legal and accounting experts and a reputable M&A Advisory firm – Sandra Jones and Company (SJandCo). With help from SJandCo and the rest of our deal team, we successfully sold the business to Convergint Technologies in early 2016.

Sandra Jones and her team, including Charles Durant, the former President of the GE Security & Life Safety Group, helped us navigate successfully through the sale process and obtain maximum value for the business. With their extensive experience in the security industry and vast network of relationships, we found their services to be exceedingly valuable and well worth the investment.

I do not hesitate to recommend SJandCo to any security integrator interested in profit development, exit planning or sale of the business."

Eric Yunag, President/CEO

Dakota Security Systems Inc.
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"Sandra Jones is the 'who's – who' of the security business. Her industry knowledge, relationship and contacts make her firm an obvious choice if you need a project accomplished efficiently and professionally with discretion."

Steven Walin, Chairman and CEO
GVI Security Solutions Inc.

"Sandra Jones and Company has been vital to our product launch strategy development. Sandra Jones' insight has been invaluable in helping us sort through the market verticals into which to introduce a disruptive new security entrant. She also facilitated our engagements across the spectrum of users, integrators and technology developers that gave us a broad grasp of the market, and she paired us with thought leaders in the industry who brought us up the curve very quickly."

A-lan Reynolds, Senior Manager Directed Energy

"While of course familiar with the market we felt there were several key advantages to engaging Sandra Jones to assist us with our acquisition strategy. In addition to Sandra's deep understanding of the market and the companies in the market, she knows and has access to virtually any leader in the industry. Not only did this help us accelerate the results, by using her we were also able to keep our strategy confidential. Sandra tailored her services around our internal stills and augmented our internal talent creating the optimum team and at a cost that was far less than the standard fees charged by traditional broker dealers.

I would not only recommend her for this type of activity but other services related to business and profit development in the security industry."

V. John Stroia, VP, Business Development
Diebold, Incorporated

"The path to success starts at Sandra Jones & Company. You truly are the holder of the keys to real success in the low voltage industry."

Charles Aulner, President
National Training Center

"Sandra Jones and Co. is wonderful to work with. They played a critical role in conducting market research which has clearly and positively impacted our long term strategic direction ."

Richard Sheppard, CEO
PCO Inc.

"I used to serve on the Board of Directors of a large systems integration company. We utilized SJ and CO extensively where she and her incredible staff were able to provide strategic, marketing and operations support. Sandy's grasp of strategic and tactical issues facing the industry allowed the business to leverage her knowledge then make more informed decision about the Company's direction and growth plans. I now serve as CEO of Video Insight, Software, and we have had the exact same experience with SJ and CO Sandy gets results, and never disappoints."

Mr. Robert Shaw, CEO & Co-founder
Video Insight

"NoblePeak Vision is a start up company developing a breakthrough night vision technology for the security and surveillance industry. To enable us to develop our product and go to market strategies we needed experienced industry insight and someone with the ability to put us in front of senior executives from major end users, system integrators and camera OEM's. No one knows the industry and the key decision makers like Sandra Jones and Company. Sandy and her team accomplished all of our objectives and also supported the development of our business and marketing plans ... outstanding!."

Phil Davies, Vice President Sales and Marketing
NoblePeak Vision Corporation

"SJandCo helped refine our strategy, differentiate our offering from the many competitors and focus our scarce resources to the areas that would provide the best ROI."

Bob Sommerfeld, President
G4S Integrated Systems

"Sandy Jones is an icon in the security industry. A few years ago, Sandy was recognized as one of the most influential persons in the security industry. That was a well deserved award. Sandy knows the industry, the people, and the trends. She can assist in business development, acquisitions, and product development."

Dan Moceri, CEO and Co-Founder
Convergint Technologies

"Beyond the initial research study completed by Sandra Jones and Company, Sandy delivered the influence to ensure that the message of the study had full impact on those most affected, company owners and executive management. This second phase of delivering the message was effective and convinced me that a few conversations with the right people can be overwhelmingly more efficient than mass mailings and email blasts. Bringing the right message to the right people makes the difference - and you were able to do this consistently throughout our engagement."

Keith Jentoft, President
RSI Videofied

"I would like to thank you for the expert work you did as part of our market research effort. Your ability to meet our information needs, timescale and budget could not have been better. The ability to work with industry leading publications to complement your own resources was a particularly effective combination."

"Throughout our various interactions the experience has always been professionally rewarding and met my personal and our corporate business goals."

Salvatore A. D'Agostino Vice President, Sales
CoreStreet, Ltd.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that your guidance and contribution in DVTel's acquisition of SAI is much appreciated. A major strategic business goal of DVTel's was finding an IP access control company to place within our intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) V5 solution."

"The story of the iSOC® V5 as the only open standards, IP-based security operations center that unifies all video, audio, data, access control, and alarm management functionality and requirements into one command and control center is one that has been extremely well received within the industry and has kicked up much excitement around the globe. We've already received exposure in many publications and most partners in our sales channel can't wait to learn more. This would not have been possible without your involvement and attention in our acquisition of SAI."

Eli Gorovici, President & CEO

"Thank you again for helping us sell Vindicator Technologies. Your industry knowledge, executive contacts, business acumen and mentoring skills when coupled with our unique value proposition, enabled us to maximize the sale of the company. You offer so much more than a traditional industry agent/broker. You are a true partner... far and away the best value. We'd use you and again and of course we highly recommend you."

Rick Gross, President & CEO
Vindicator Technologies

"[3VR] hired Sandy Jones and Company to complete a critical "Voice of the Customer" consulting project for 3VR Security, Inc. … Sandy Jones and Company completed the project providing high quality results, on a timely basis, within budget. Sandy has a very strong network of senior level contacts in the Security industry which helped facilitate an efficient process and opened doors to non-3VR users."

Aisling MacRunnels, CMO

"I have known and worked with Sandy Jones for years. She is a true professional, with an uncanny grasp of both strategic and tactical issues facing the industry. She is also extraordinarily knowledgeable about products and the strengths and weaknesses of all industry players of importance. When these capabilities are coupled with her innate sense of practical business solutions, Sandy represents a rare combination that makes her simply one of the best professional advisors in the electronic security industry today ."

Mark Landis, President Security Systems for North America
Siemens Building Technologies

"I have known and worked with Sandra Jones & Company for ten years, and in that time I have come to rely on them for critical information and contacts in the security world. We believe there is no better consulting firm servicing the security industry."

Jeffrey Kessler, Managing Partner
Imperial Capital LLC

"Sandra Jones and Company is a go-to organization when one needs insights into the security industry. Whether trends, contacts, or ideas are desired, Sandy has been always able to offer highly knowledgeable, professional perspectives through friendly and interactive conversations. She is a tremendous resource that can make a real impact to an organizations efficiency and profitability."

Randall Foster, CEO, President, Cofounder
Vumii Inc.

"You have given me the tools I need to be successful. This is a huge success story. I am learning how to take control of my business, instead of my business controlling me."

Michael A. Ash, President
Garden State Fire and Security Alarm Company, Inc.

"Sandra Jones and Co. played a critical role in our successful launch into the Security channel . Their assistance, from overall market knowledge, insightful strategy/tactical recommendations and industry introductions resulted in a shortening of our time to market. Sandra Jones and Co. made it possible for us to receive immediate feedback from industry experts during the development phase of our solution and market entry strategy. We are very pleased with the positive response to our new market solution from Security channel providers and decision-makers, and appreciate the valuable contribution made by Sandra Jones and Co."

Mary Miller, New Business Development
Avery Dennison Office Products

" Always prepared to go the extra mile. Delivered quality work, demonstrating a detailed understanding of a number of markets, on time. Continue to remember your needs and bring things to your attention on their own. Very professional recognizing confidentiality."

John Miller, Deputy Group Corporate Development Director
Novar Plc

" Thank you very much for your assistance in arranging for the acquisition of our company. In just a few weeks your knowledge of the industry resulted in the generation of a list of prospective buyers. Your input helped us identify the best prospects and your negotiating skills were invaluable in the discussions. We appreciate your work and would recommend you very highly to anyone in the field."

Edwin Hoffman, President
Osborne-Hoffman, Inc. (UTC)

"Your reports are always complete and well researched. Your knowledge of the industry is remarkable. Additionally, you always know where to go to find the information I need."

Rena A. Mayer, Marketing Manage
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.

"When researching Fire Alarm and Security issues, it pays to work with individuals who understand these industries. FIREPRO and Sandra Jones & Company bring a wealth of experience and insight to the task of interpreting industry dynamics and trends."

Steve Powell, Director of Marketing
Simplex Grinnel (Tyco)

" She always seems to be on the leading edge of industry trends. She has brought a fresh prospective to the table and, because of her professional expertise and understanding of the industry, is able to consult in a wide variety of areas."

Peter Michel, President & CEO
Broadview Security (Division of ADT)

"The information you provided for us was very helpful in positioning our product correctly to the expectations of dealers, manufacturers' reps and end-users in the security marketplace. By utilizing your business advice and market perspectives, NICE achieved immediate market recognition and unprecedented product interest."

Ann Caldwell - Vice President Mkt Development
NICE Systems, Inc.

"One of the nice things about working with you, an industry expert who provides answers that actually help me get my work done, is that I look good for being the guy who picked the right person to ask."

Joe Moses, Ph.D., Senior Editor
Interactive Technologies, Inc.

"The team at Sandra Jones and Company has made an important impact on how we are bringing our market changing wireless surveillance technologies to market. Their understanding of the security industry and their contacts have been integral in the development of the Smartvue S2 rollout program."

Martin A. Renkis Founder & CEO
Smartvue Corporation

"We've enjoyed working with SJ&CO over the last four months. Their involvement in our business has increased Ultrak's exposure within the security industry through better preparation, distribution and timeliness of press releases, speaking engagements, and enhancement of our current marketing plan. They are responsive to our needs, but also proactive in finding ways to stretch our budget while improving Ultrak visibility and reputation."

Wendy Diddell, VP of Marketing
Ultrak Group, Inc.

"The consulting services that you provided were professional, thorough, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. With your work and support, we solidified our financial plans and executed our strategies within a pre-determined time frame."

John Sheridan, Vice-President
ISS Integrated Security Solutions Inc.

"Just a short note to express my sincere appreciation for providing an excellent assessment of the security industry and due diligence review regarding Dailey Capital's potential investment in the industry. Your thought provoking questions and analysis raised important issues that we needed to address with the transaction. It was obvious from your assessment that you are very familiar with the competitive dynamics within the industry and have an in depth knowledge of the attributes required to build an successful alarm company, and just as importantly, where it can fail."

Richard J. Schneider, Vice President
Dailey Capital Management

" If you want the REAL story, go to Sandra Jones."

Carter Griffin, CEO
Brivo Systems, Inc.

"Sandy's firm has become the" back office" for the conference and its tremendous success owes much to her untiring efforts to keep things organized."

Jeffrey Kessler, Managing Partner
Imperial Capital LLC

"I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciated the work you did on the ESD Survey. It continues to be a source of valuable information to us and we have found ourselves re-visiting the data frequently."

Michael J. Lynch, Director of Business Development
Fire Lite Alarms (Honeywell)

"Our project with you undoubtedly promoted very much our understanding of the US market from M&A point of view and in general. It was a big pleasure for me to work with you." "Regarding the Fire Field Guide, it was really excellent. It is much better than numerous market research, especially available outside the USA."

Barukh Foux, Business and Market Research Manager
Rokonet Electronics Ltd.

"Your approach to our unique market segment and the needs of our company are insightful and affective. We value your input and appreciate all the ‘extra effort' you put into the relationship. You can count Vindicator Technologies as a satisfied customer and we are happy to recommend your firm to those industry companies searching for ways to think outside the box."

Rick Gross, President & CEO
Vindicator Technologies

" I would recommend SJ&CO services to any sales or marketing organization in the security industry - supplier-based or customer based - in need of marketing technology applications, marketing and public relations initiatives, and customer incentive programs."

John N. Pearce, Director, Marketing Communications
Mosler Inc.

" your marketing insight was right on target."

Mark M. Glick, Marketing Manager
Dallas Semiconductor

"I had only two hours to find hard to find information, I called Sandra Jones & Company and had the information in minutes."

Gary Pollack, Regional Sales Manager
Edwards Systems Technology

"I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the dedication and enthusiasm you displayed during your seminar at our recent dealer conference. Those that attended your presentation had glowing remarks and really couldn't say enough great things about the information you shared with them. Some unsolicited comments we received were: ‘delivered the information with sheer energy' and ‘high performance information"just what we needed.'"

Sandy Calabrese, Director of C/I World Wide Mktg.
Sensormatic Electronics Corporation

"Your knowledge of the industry and commitment to our time schedule enabled us to exceed our goal by several weeks."

J.D. Hamilton - President & CEO
Mas-Hamilton Group

"Your knowledge of the industry was extraordinarily beneficial in bringing us "up to speed" in much less time than we could on our own. In addition, your marketing ideas helped us place, price and promote our first entry in the security market in a manner that, in hindsight, was absolutely correct."

Jonathon Foster
8X8, Inc. (Netergy)

"To every project she brings ideas for improvement, skills of analysis and concern for excellence. Sandy has the ability to focus on the big picture, yet to pay close attention to costs."

Susan A. Whitehurst, President
Security Distributing & Marketing

"my appreciation for the excellent job that you did on our recent market analysis. The entire project was a tremendous help to us."

Joel B. Konicek, President
Northern Computers, Inc. (Honeywell)

"I would like to thank you for your excellent performance and support in the development of this important channel of distribution for our company. Your knowledge of the security industry and commitment to our project were invaluable."

Timothy J. Fahrney - VP of Sales
Mas-Hamilton Group

"Her work is timely, professional and yields new insights that are valuable. I recommend her and her company highly-and I don't write many of these letters."

Gary Sutton, President
American Two-Way

"It is a perfect time to reflect upon the phenomenal growth we have experienced of late and to recognize the outside people who have made a significant contribution to help us achieve that success. You are certainly at the top of my list."

David M. Price, Manager, Marketing Services
Digital Security Controls (Tyco)

"I was hoping that consulting with you would help me streamline my operations, and I'm happy to say that implementing your ideas has done just that. "Within a week of our discussions I put your recommendations to work, and now not only have a clear view of my goals for '98, I know how to achieve them."

" The quality of the research, insight, and future observations were highly worthwhile from an overall business viewpoint and most important on how Brink's Home Security can positively position itself to this industry now and in the future."

Peter Hronek, VP of Marketing
Brink's Home Security

" directly resulted in a savings to Silent Knight in excess of $50,000 annually."

Kit Vail, President
Silent Knight Security Systems (Honeywell)

"Sandra Jones and Company has made a significant and material difference in the launch, climb, and current positioning of Infrastruct Security. A clear example, is that within one year of launch we found ourselves on the front cover of SDM. Your company has helped bring real value to our bottom line. The "Sandy Check-In" has paid for itself many times over. "

Daniel Weiss, Founder & CEO
Infrastruct Security, Inc.

"... a valued resource and asset in the U.S. security industry."

Dwight L. Umstead, Security Industry Specialist
United States Department of Commerce

"...Sandra Jones and Co was instrumental in accelerating the market's understanding and acceptance of SightLogix' many innovations and technology. Sandy is amongst the most passionate, well-networked marketing and strategy consultants I have worked with and is distinctively qualified to provide a comprehensive security marketing perspective."

John Romanowich, President & CEO

"...Your logic in arriving at a valuation for this business as hard to refute, since the elements of judgment you employed were based on so many years of experience in the industry. However, your conclusions were imaginative because you had to apply that experience and knowledge to an entirely new kind of monitoring business. "

Peter Lesser, President

"We had the pleasure of working with Sandra Jones & Company as we examined the possibility of entering the Security Financing market. Sandra Jones & Company provided us with the industry insight and connections necessary to understand where the market is and how to effectively position ourselves. I would highly recommend working with Sandra Jones & her team if you are looking to enter or expand your presence in the Security industry."

Michael Swift, Corporate Development
Textron Financial

"With Sandra Jones and Company on our team as an advisor, we gained confidence and valuable information in assessing our position and strategy. Sandra Jones and Ray Lynn are true professionals and experts in the security industry. Their no nonsense approach is refreshing and insightful, increasing our chances of a successful outcome."

George Demarco, Former President Greater Alarm & 2009 ESX Chairman
Greater Alarm

"You can expect that we will be utilizing your company again. We have several transactions that we are currently contemplating and Sandra Jones & Co will be an integral component. I believe I also mentioned to you that we have specifically listed SJCO as the valuation expert of record in our Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreements.

Thank you again for providing excellent value. It was a pleasure to work with you and your company, and an experience that more than paid for itself!"

Timothy D. Wilson, P.E. COO
Mulhaupts Inc.

"Ray Lynn is among the more competent people in our business, and as a practitioner of accounting, due diligence and financial management, there is none better. Ray's attention to detail, coupled with his vast experience in the integrator/security company space, makes him uniquely qualified for detailed and highly accurate due diligence reporting. I recommend him unequivocally."

Mr. Ronald L. Davis, Managing Partner

"Sandy Jones was a gift to me. As an owner of a security company, I was new to the security industry. She helped me understand the important dynamics going on in the industry, developed logical, reasonable, and helpful consulting proposals, and provided resources we did not yet have to execute projects and guide me to make important decisions that enhanced the value of our business in a short period of time. I highly recommend her services."

Mr. Ken Genzink, President
Code Blue Corporation

"Sandy Jones recently assisted us with a product and market verification project for our new VirSec remote managed security service that we're preparing for a national rollout. Despite our tight timetable, she was thoroughly prepared and was instrumental in our strategic decisions. We'd recommend her to anyone and we look forward to utilizing her services again as we move forward."

Thomas Hines, CPP, PSP, Senior Director
VirSec / Virtual Security, A Huffmaster Service