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Since its inception in 1990, Sandra Jones and Company has delivered unparalleled results to senior executives from the security industry's leading manufactures and installers as well as organizations considering investing or entering the market.

Our goal is always the same: accelerate client profits and goals while helping them to avoid activities that squander precious time and money. This can be accomplished through a refined strategy, introduction, acquisition or customized consulting project.

Sandra Jones and Company deliveres solutions and services to the security industry's most respected and talented specialists worldwide. You can leverage our experience, knowledge and relations to gain a deeper understanding of the market, its participants and trends shaping the future to insure your investment and time yields the best possible results.

As one of the few indepenedent resouces in the industry, clients can trust our un-biased recommendations, insights and guidance when looking to bring a new product to market, expand into a new sector, reposition, invest, sell or grow their business.

Sandra Jones and Company is Uniquely Qualified to help you to:

  1. Accelerate Your Time To Market
  2. Meet the Right Decision Makers
  3. Gain Critical Insights Into the Market, Buyers and Their Motivations
  4. Uncover Ways To Increase Your Value
  5. Understand Your Competition
  6. Compete More Profitability and Effectively
  7. Uncover New Profit and Revenue Opportunities
  8. Refine Products and Services Before Launching Them
  9. Avoid Critical (or Even Deadly) Errors When Bringing New Products To Market
  10. Find Buyers, Sellers, Investors or Partners
  11. Obtain Facts on Which Informed Business Decisions Can Be Made

Tailored Services to the Security Industry

  1. M&A and Growth Development Advisory Services
  2. Representing Sellers of Closely-Held Companies
  3. Targeted Strategic Acquisitions & Industry Roll-Ups
  4. Divestitures
  5. Strategic Planning
  6. Organizational Restructuring
  7. Transitioning to the Next Level
  8. Recapitalizing Businesses

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