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Valuation and Financial Due Diligence Services Now Available from Sandra Jones and Company


Cleveland, OH - October 2008 - Usually the first time a dealer or integrator discovers the value of their business is when they are in face to face negotiations with a prospective buyer. By then it is very often too late because it does not leave them time to implement changes that would increase their profitability or improve their value. Sandra Jones and Company realizes that owners need to know the value of their business long before they reach the negotiating table and now offers business valuation and other financial planning services to dealers and integrators.

The valuation services along with other comprehensive financial services are being spearheaded by Ray Lynn, former manager of ADT's and HSM's acquisition team. After conducting the due diligence on over 200 businesses and participating in the purchase of over 80 dealer organizations, Ray is able to help dealers and integrators of any size discover ways to increase their profits now plus learn what changes they need to make to optimize their future value.

In addition to the valuation services Ray will offer a full array of financial services to SJCO clients including financial due diligence for buyers and sellers.

"I'm pleased to be able to give dealers and integrators recommendations to increase their profitability plus assist them get the most value for their years of hard work" said Ray. He goes on to say that without this service, dealers and integrators unfortunately are left guessing about their value or relying upon a perspective buyer to tell them what they are worth. He goes on to say "that even if a company does not have plans to sell, its just good business to obtain an outside financial review. Even the best run companies in the industry have something that may be overlooked or can be improved upon".

We are pleased to have Ray working with us because like our other affiliates he is the best in his field and is able to provide clients unparallel results." On a recent project Ray found profits worth more than 5 times the cost of his service and the client's only regret was why he had not engaged us sooner".

While Ray will focus on working with alarm dealers and integrators Sandra Jones and the other professional staff will remain focused on bringing new products/businesses to market, mergers and acquisitions and producing Securing New Ground.

For more information on Ray Lynn, his valuation services or other Sandra Jones and Company services, please call 440-285-4444.

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